Re: Wrong?

Posted by Jim E on Nov 30, 2006

I'm not sure how to respond to being told that duct tape is 'wrong' other than to show a photo of the Hawk's designer, Mark Rogers, paddling one of his creations. I should emphasise that the tape is used for hull assembly but not for the arched part of the foredeck. The AH foredeck requres a lot of force to get it down (It's already glassed on the underside at this point), so that's done with ropes at 4" intervals, tightened gradually. That should work for other kayaks, too. Whatever hold-down you use (rope, straps, tape, nails, etc) should be at small enough intervals so that the wood will not bulge up in between.

In Response to: Wrong Clear packing tape by Dave Houser on Nov 30, 2006


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