deck glass

Posted by Jay on Nov 23, 2006

thanks to Jim E for responding look forward to more. although it might be more difficult, and since you say it can be done, I think i will save it for later. unfortunately time is of the essence and I want this to be more or less completed by next week (B-day) so any minor details that can be, will be saved for later.

Got the hull 'glassed! much easier to do the outside than the inside. I'll be getting the deck beam together soon and with a few other odds and ends, I'm ready for the deck. I was wondering how nescassary the deck glass was to the project. It did say somewhere in a couple of the books and the manual that the 4 oz. was optional. I do plan on putting hatches in. Will i need it for strength if I cut hatches? I'm all for economy, but not when it comes to quality. what do y'all think?