She Floats!

Posted by Sherry on Oct 29, 2006

I'm pleased to report that this past Sunday, we put the Triple in the water for the first time. She is technically not "done," as we still have to cut hatches, install seats, rudder, and rigging, not to mention do the finish. But, the day was beautiful, and we had the coaming cut out (though not yet sanded or epoxied), so we put her on top of the car (see previous post for "Monster Boat/Toy Car") and drove to a boat ramp on a local bay. The boat was WONDERFUL. We were out for about two hours, and loved every moment of it. We plan to bring her to the next OkoumeFest - hopefully finished by then. I'm going to try include a link to some photos here - hopefully it'll work.

Photos of Triple Maiden Voyage