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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 17, 2006

Matt, it might be best to listen to Lasz and Dave instead of me, since, as Laszlo points out, I'm a 'rolling fiend' who really tears up his boats on a routine basis. Which means I tend to be fairly specialized in the way I outfit my cockpit, and change things/repair constantly. I only lightly glue foam padding to the boat so it'll be easy to remove (which seem to be forever taking happenin' for one reason or another).

I don't glue my seat in at all, but won't go into how I lock it in since you're using something else anyway. Dave - who's also a roller - mentions gluing foam thoroughly to prevent trapped water. Me, I just clean up whatever ick may have developed, but it's never much since my foam gets taken out so often. Sometimes a piece of padding stays in for quite a while, and if it really gets nasty underneath, a sander and a little fresh epoxy makes short work of fixin' it right back up.

I'm with Dave on the matter of the hip pads... I don't see 'em as necessary. I've also gotten to eliminating back bands, which means I'll omit cheek plates altogether on the boat I'm building now. A carved minicell seat takes care of keeping me where I want to be.

I'm loose as a goose when rolling anymore, so I tend to come out of the seat and flop all over the place -- or at least as much as a tight, low volume cockpit allows. I lock into the boat using the foot braces, thigh pads under the deck, and back of the coaming. I use simple pads under the deck, and not "hooks" (unlike what's in the photo below).

In the end, I think Laszlo's advice is probably best for you. Velcro will allow you to be flexible in finding what works best for you, and you will form your own opinions and preferences soon enough.

Cheers, Kurt

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