Re: boat over the horizon

Posted by don on Aug 22, 2006

So it was here that I saw that! I too wasw moved by it and failed to recall where I read it. I would REALLY like to see it again.

One of the truly difficult things about us humans is that we are aware of our mortality. Somehow, as our civilizations have evolved and "advanced", we have failed to develop a way to come to terms with this basic fact of life.

As individuals, we are, throughout our lives, faced with the situation that Alan and his family have so recently gone through. I guess the silver lining to be found is the sharing of our individual experiences with others who also share our individual uncertainty on how to appropriately "deal" with this experience.

Alan, our greatest sympathy to you and your family. I heartily agree with the suggestion of keeping alive the memory of your lost one by experiencing the activities that they loved.

After all, their life should be defined by how it was lived, not how it was left...


In Response to: Re: Why by Ed, NY on Aug 21, 2006