Re: Vacu-Rak

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 13, 2006

Years ago my dad built a wood box rack for the top of our big Chevy station wagon. It sat on 4 big suction cup and was secured to the car with rain gutter clips and straps. Would not work on todays cars with out rain gutters but it worked fine then and at full speed loaded up. All the suction cups do is keep the rack in place. I think the Vacu-Rak with the right straps woiuld be a winner.

As a side note, whatever happened to big old station wagons? They could seat 5 or 6 and had enough room in the back to haul lots of gear. And the long roof line would be fantastic for a kayak rack. Who needs a compact or a mini-van!

In Response to: Re: Vacu-Rak by Alan Speakman on Aug 10, 2006