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Posted by CLC on Aug 11, 2006

>>>>>>>>>That's a pretty humongous batch of putty in a small space. How do you guys keep it from kicking? Work real fast? Chill the shop? Use really slow hardener? All of the above? Other? >>>>>>>>>>>>

Mostly I work fast. If it's 94 degrees in your shop and you don't have the economy of motion down yet, you might not get it all out of the bag.

We're lucky in that our space is conditioned. Stays between 65 and 75 all year round.

>>>>>>>>>>>> In the video, the surplus goop is scraped off after filleting, which is what I've always done in the past. Anyone out there tried the masking tape method? Any good? >>>>>>>>>>>

I like the masking tape trick, but agree with Peter that after you get good at cleaning up the excess the tape feels like a lot work.

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