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Posted by CLC on Aug 4, 2006 to put this delicately....I kinda danced around it. It has to do with how the weight is distributed in the kayak. So, to speak plainly, 190 in the Shearwater 16 is just fine if you're 5'2" tall. (There are plenty of you out there shaped like that.) You would have a low center of gravity. Or, said another way, your payload would be distributed low in the boat where it aids stability.

On the other hand, if you're only 170 pounds and 6'1", the Shearwater feels tender. Your center of gravity is up high.

This is true of all kayaks. Articulating that in a chart is hard. One ponders a sort of graph that plots stability against height and weight, but there are a great many variables. (I know people with long torsos who are a perfect fit on height, weight, and shoe size but have a completely different reaction to the stability of a certain boat.)

Kayaks, especially performance kayaks, are like shoes and need to fit well. People are generally good about calling us or sending emails to to get a recommendation from someone who's paddled a given boat. We can ask some questions, get a feel for how you're shaped and how you're going to use the boat and what you're used to.

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