kayak/canoe for child

Posted by KirkErvin on Aug 2, 2006

A couple of questions:

Does CLC offer a kayak/canoe plan for a small adult or child? I was thinking ot the Sas. 12, or maybe the shearwater 14. Although is the second boat possibly too large. The one in question is about 5' but only 75 lbs.

I went on a long group trip and a father/son was along, too. The son had a fairly small kayak, about 12' in length. The kayak was a plastic rec type, but with a seakayaker cockpit and the son wore a sprayskirt. However, many times the father had to tow the little son. The son did have the freedom of being in their own boat.

Also, how long would a sas. 12' canoe take to build?