Re: Shearwater Hybrid Hat

Posted by Tim on Jul 27, 2006

Hi. For what it's worth, I have just completed installing flush hatches on my WR180. Not the same boat, obviously, but the concept and process is roughly the same. I did not buy the CLC kits, I just took great pains to carefully cut out the openings. Measure and check 15 times, let that all soak in for a day or two and cut once! I made my own spacers and sills from scraps and installed those. Very nice I must say. I wanted that nice smooth look. I made up some reinforcing ribs to epoxy onto the underside and rigged up some Moby Latches which I got wind of from an earlier posting somewhere in this forum. Aside from some very minor tweeks, the front deck on the WR18 has a wicked camber to it, all went very well. I used a soft, open channel automotive weather seal, very nice and should wear well! The fit there was awesome. I could not find drawings or specs on the Moby Latches, so I just scaled and drew them up and assembled from the website photos. If you do a google on Moby Latches, you should be able to get to the site. If you would like I could scan and e-mail you the sketches and photos I have and help you through the process.

Best of luck to you........... Peace Out............. Tim

In Response to: Shearwater Hybrid Hatches by Bob Lippold on Jul 27, 2006