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Posted by LeeG on Jul 25, 2006

wedges in the keel really aren't a good solution for removing the flat spot that can develop in the mid-section of the cockpit. Although it's a creative way to use a box of cut-off pieces when the sheer clamp scarfs are made. They make good door stops too.

The panels are cut correctly, putting in a 1/8" gap that requires filling with goop would imply the panels aren't cut correctly which isn't the case.

The nature of the pre-glued sheerclamps puts some compression into the middle of the hull and tension in the ends of the side panels. That compression can be manifested by a flat spot or slightly concave keeline in the cockpit. If you don't make an effort to take it out the keel can buckle up 1/8"-3/16" all on it's own.

Instead of forcing the keeline open put a few small bricks or similar weight in the middle and loosen the wires so the panels bulge down. It's a little hard to see if the panel bends up with the wires but you'll sure notice it when the epoxy cures and you're preparing the hull for glassing.

In the big picture it's a cosmetic issue and not functional but it's bothersome when you sand and glass the exterior because it's a reminder it wasn't addressed before glueing.

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