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Posted by John Beck on Jul 12, 2006

Making a pattern will make things much easier. Remove the coaming as carefully as possible, but if it breaks just piece it together as best you can to make the pattern. Leave a little extra (1/4") on the inside coaming so you can trim it flush after its glued back in place.

As for the moving the coaming up for more clearance for spray skirt just add another layer of plywood between the deck and coaming.

The use of luan plywood is NOT recommended due to voids and crap filler wood between outer veneers (see CLC view on luan plywood link). My Chesapeake 16 has 6mm coaming, and my new Shearwater coaming is 4mm. A full sheet of 4mm from CLC is $49. They sell half sheets of 6mm so you may ask them if they'd sell you half a sheet of 4mm.

Fiberglassing the coaming is not necessary. Just coat in epoxy with paint or varnish topcoat for UV protection.

CLC view on luan plywood

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