Weight! PDC!

Posted by jeffrey wong on Jul 11, 2006

Pretty D$%^ Close! I just built a Pygmy Coho. Pygmy touts the boat at 39 lb--without hatches, bulkheads and deck rigging. Mine with hatches, bulkheads, an xtra strip of fiberglass tape on the paddle "strike zone", 2 layers of graphited epoxy on the bottom, 5 layers of deck varnish and 5 layers of hull varnish runs to 44 lb. I know I have too much epoxy on the inside, maybe a pound.

I had built one kayak b4 this one. It weighs 48 lb. with hatches, bulkheads and deck rigging.

But I don't & won't drive an SUV, because 1. I usually paddle alone and can't cartop anything over 50# on my Volvo wagon. I have trouble cartopping my 37# Epic Endurance 18 on a Toyota Highlander SUV. 2. shoulder injuries stay with you a long time.

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