Re: Weights

Posted by CLC on Jul 9, 2006

Before you call us liars, please stop by our showroom (or a boatshow we attend) with a calibrated set of scales. Built as instructed, many of our boats come in UNDER the advertised weight; our rigged showroom Shearwater 16 is 39.5 pounds, for example, but we list it at 42. One of our Passagemaker dinghies is 84 pounds.

Is your Sassafras 12 made of 4mm okoume? Did you use more than 1.5 gallons of epoxy? 40lbs is heavy for that boat, although it's helpful to put it in perspective: look at the weights of 12-foot rotomolded recreational boats!

One way to save weight

In Response to: Weights: Fact or Fiction? by MikeY on Jul 9, 2006