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Posted by J. Schott on Jul 9, 2006

You would be surprized how much weight a little extra epoxy adds. My first boat, a CH.17 weighs in at 49 lbs, 2 lbs over weight. I felt pretty good about that. Now my double is a different story. I started that a day after finishing the 17. With the experience of the 17 fresh in my memory, I decided to build the double with a lot more precision. I made my fillets as small and perfect as possible, the only metal in the boat is the screws that hold the foot braces and back bands. I made the endpours just large enough to do their intended job, and the deck was fastened without nails. This all should have added up to being lighter than specs. Well, I got creative and decided to add some deck onlays. The extra epoxy used to "fair" the transition at the edge of the designs, really packed on some weight. Well after it was done, it ended up being 10 lbs over.

Not knocking your fathers ability, but someone who works on larger boats are used to using much more material to accomplish the job. My father was amazed when I told him how much epoxy it took to build my boats. This was coming from a guy who used 1.5 gallons of West systems to patch the spots he had replaced on the underside of his boats deck. Paint also adds an amazing amount of weight. By using yellow, weight was added with the extra coats it takes for yellow to cover.

I'm sure you have a beautiful boat that you will enjoy for years to come. Don't sweat the weight, first time builders almost always come in heavy no matter how much experience they have.-Joey

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