shearwater hybrid cockpit

Posted by Bob Lippold on Jun 16, 2006

This refers to my message from yesterday about deck form placement in the cockpit area and the problems I was having. John at CLC has been extremely helpful and even contacted Eric (the boat designer) and came up with recommendations. To make sense of this you'll have to refer my previous message yesterday "shwtr deck form plcmt". Evidently it was so complicated or unclear that no one responded. Anyway John came to the rescue as usual and I'm on my way again. If anyone else is building a Shearwater 17 hybrid, you'll run into this dilema also. The best solution was to cut off about 2" of the "tail" of the cockpit form allowing deck form #10.5 to get much closer to the aft bulkhead. This solves several fit problems vertically and horizontally (fore & aft) as well as center of gravity issues.