Re: $.02 feedback

Posted by M Davis on Jun 12, 2006

Hi Adam,

I went through the process of deciding how best to attach bungees and deck lines to my WR18 about a month ago and got a ton of good ideas here.

The stock CLC webbing & screw method has a lot going for it. But I really hated bringing the build to an end with something that quick so I ended up going with a slot-fill-slot approach. Wish I could remember who the contributor was, but you know who you are.

The soft padeyes were made per Kurt Maurer's system, but filling the oversize slots & cutting finished slots added a lot of time. I epoxied a patch of 6 oz glass under the deck in the slot positions for a little extra strenght like Lee G recommends with his machine screw & fender washer approach.

I'll get some pictures posted when I get home thiss evening.

Those nice brass brackets look like they could rip out some major chunks of meat in an emergency. Webbing loops are a lot safer for old fat guys, like me.

Happy paddling, MD

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