Posted by Tom Irvine on Jun 6, 2006

Hey everyone,

How many of you actually use your home-made kayaks to do some serious tripping - say for a week or more - in wilderness locations?

I'd love to hear where you've been - I'm always looking to go new places myself. So far, I've cruised the Bruce Peninsula, the Georgian Bay from Killarney to French R., the North Channel (L. Huron) and the Ontario shores of L. Superior.

This summer, I'm going to try some salt water paddling in The Bay of St. Lawrence in hopes of having close encounters with whales and other sea life, exploring fijords and beaches, and eating lots of inexpensive sea-food.

My CH17LT, by the way, has been a very capable boat for all my trips. Despite the fact that LT stands for light touring, I've loaded it with as much as two weeks worth of food and camping gear.

Let's hear where you've gone and how your boat handled the trip.