Re: Cam Cleats

Posted by LeeG on Jun 2, 2006

I would recommend using a towing belt and getting familiar with it than a tow line off a cam cleat. Tow belts are versatile and fast.

Camcleat with bullseye,,is that a piece of hardware where you have to route the line through a metal eye to the camcleat? That said another piece of 4mm underneath with fender washers is needed for heavy loads on 4mm ply glassed with 4oz on one side.

Small cam cleats are good for spring loaded rudders and skegs,much better than a jam cleat.

I used one for the small 1/8" deployment line on a Sealine rudder. I covered it with a piece of 1" webbing, over and under the base, so that it wouldn't catch my hands or other lines. It was on the foredeck and side of the first deck bungies for the rudder release. Unlike a jam cleat it's sure and easy to adjust and release.

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