Polypropylene vs. Nylon

Posted by Chris J. on May 31, 2006

Looking to buy the webbing for hatch tie downs. Instructions call for 1" nylon but CLC and many stores here sell 1" polypropylene (in lots of colours too). Is there a preference or major difference I should be concerned with for the intended use?

On another point...I had inquired about rice paper sources a few days back...failing that I tried using the tissue that sewing patterns are printed on. It's very thin and has a bit of an off-white colour. There's usually lots of blank areas on the pattern to use. I taped a piece to regular paper and ran it through my ink-jet printer with on problems (mirror image). It wet-out perfectly transparent and the image looks superb. I experimented with a couple of types of patterns (some are a slight bit darker than others) but I found one that becomes completely clear under any light. The patterns are cheap. Now I just have to explain to my wife why I'm cutting up her dress patterns.