strip deck question

Posted by don on May 30, 2006

Inspired by the hybrid strip decks on stitch and glue hulls, I am embarking on a strip deck for the outriggers of my sailrig. Hulls are fiberglassed and epoxied and I have cedar strip for the decks. After researching how strip decks are done for hybrids (glued together over temporarily inserted forms, fiberglassed, removed , fiberglassed underneath and then epoxied to hull) I'm wondering if a faster , and just as effective method for the outriggers would be to deck with the 3 -mil plywood and then epoxy the strip onto the ply deck. This would reinforce the deck with minimal weight, reduce the number of steps and give a solid canvas to do any strip design I can come up with.

I recall a discussion on this topic in this forum earlier this spring but couldn't find it via search. Any thoughts from anyone?

Thanks a bunch!