Re: Soft vs Regular Pad E

Posted by LeeG on May 14, 2006

I'd go with single ss. screws/locknuts through the deck holding folded webbing with small fender washers and patch of glass under the deck. I use 10/24 screws. It's quick, strong and easy.

Screwing into the sheerclamps requires care to not split the sheer clamp with a poorly aimed screw, the screw can't angle with the deck near the front of the cockpit. The effort involved with sealing the soft cypress with epoxy for long term ease in removal/re-installation can be done with a simple hole in the deck. The method of attaching rigging with bronze #10x1" wood screws is kind of unique to the Chesapeakes and is more "boaty" and backyard building than fitting for a kayak.

Sealing a hole in 4mm plywood is pretty simple and straightforward. Drill the holes, put masking tape over the hole, suspend kayak from roof of garage and slather epoxy over hole from the inside then cover with a small patch of cloth. When cured, turn over and re-drill.

You could still do the slotted deck installation later on if you wanted if you start with the single screw hole through the deck.

In Response to: Soft vs Regular Pad Eyes by M Davis on May 13, 2006