Re: WARNING -- Here I Com

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 14, 2006

Doug, are you kidding?! Bring that poor old Ch16!! It's a veteran, and we need more to look at than a bunch of shiny new weenie showpieces. We want to see what these vessels look like when they've been rode hard and put up wet (as it were). To this end, I can promise you I'm doing my part, and ain't shinin' anything up in preparation... My boats are gonna show up in all their well-worn glory.

JonT, I think it's part of the evil CLC plan that OkoumeFest act a deadline for boat project completions. So get with the program, man. Someone's gotta keep 'em happy.

In Response to: Re: WARNING -- Here I Com by Doug Judd on May 14, 2006