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Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 13, 2006

Hey, Rob-man... That's good, but not good enough. Getcher butt down to Texas one of these day, Tony and I wanna play gator-bait with you. C' mon, who can resist an offer like that??

Lasz, looks like you're gonna be havin' a new boat at next year's event, hey? Can't let the little lady be smokin' you left and right... especially when I'm through with her. Heheheheh.

I'll be using the Greenland paddle since Euro blades have us so badly outnumbered. But one thing's for sure, and I stress it: contrary to popular belief, 95% of paddling technique is interchangeable between the stick and spoon. For instance, there's nothing stopping a guy from using a GP to do stillwater cartwheels in a whitewater boat. I know it's true, because I've done it. The biggest part of the fun was watching the WW guys gaping in utter amazement.

And yeah, they drip a lot. But then, nothing stays dry in my little world for long. I have a friend who tightly laces leather thongs for drip rings on his paddles, and reports it works splendidly (looks kinda cool, too). Still drips after a roll, though.

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