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Posted by Chuck Rhodes on May 10, 2006


That hull looks beautiful. What kayak model is it? I like your temp deck beam too. Will you have any additional plys of glass etc. to reinforce the deck? Also, it looks like you have put a cap strip on the top of each bulkhead to increase the deck to bulkhead surface contact. Is that correct? Are you using the CLC kit 6mm bulkheads or 4mm? The ultralight sailplane and hang gliders I worked on were the 125 lbs Carbon Dragon and the 85 pound Mitchell Wing (non-powered foot/auto/aero tow launched flying wing) which I also flew for many years. Both were primarily built of aircraft spruce but we used carbon fiber extensively to provide the additional structural strength necessary and still allow the absolute lightest weight possible and essential to minimum sink rate and good L/D performance plus safety while thermal flying in strong conditions. So I am just used to working with the stuff and keep thinking of how to apply lessons learned from trying to make super lightweight wood/epoxy composite gliders and apply them to wood/epoxy composite kayaks.



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