Re: TKBB 2006 Report

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 8, 2006

Sorry, but between the new baby, and conscience pangs you're surely experiencing from considering your family more important than a wooden kayak show, sleep is now a thing of the past for you, amigo.

Seriously, please allow me to issue serious congratulations to you and Missus Gober on the new kid! 10 lbs sounds like a keeper, no need to throw this one back.

We're gonna do the Bash in DFW next spring, around the same time, probably at Joe Pool Lake / Cedar Hill State Park. Nothing official just yet, mind you, and I'll post the information just as soon as we nail it down. Our mission in life is now to get Mister Gober there, one way or the other. It'll be in your back yard in 2008 if this doesn't work, hope you have a large swimming pool.

Cheers! Kurt

Now, where the heck is George...?

In Response to: Re: TKBB 2006 Report by Gober on May 7, 2006