Re: Coaming in stages

Posted by Dave Houser on May 5, 2006

The big advantages of building the coaming in stages are you can sand and smooth the outside of the spacers before the lip goes on and you can glass the outside of the underside of the lip before the coaming is glued to the deck. It does take a little more time than the all at once approach but the finished product is much nicer.

I cut the scrap plywood into business card sized pieces for clamp pads. If you wrap a few of them with clear packing tape they do not sick to epoxy so clamp one right over each of the spacer joints to keep them flat. You can also just bridge the joint with a spring clamp (I cover their pads with packing tape when they are in the epoxy). I you end up with a little step at the joint just knock it off with a scraper before the next layer. I always make the top overhanging piece out of a single piece. You do not need to pad the side of camps between spacers but always pad the c-clamps on the finished surfaces. Spring clamps do not neeed pads.

The glued layers will spring back between gluing layers when removed so install each layer with the assembly clamped to the deck. Springback becomes less with each added layer.

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