Re: Minor varnish issue

Posted by Brett on May 2, 2006

Thanks for the reponse guys. In fairness to epifanes I contacted them and they said much the same thing. I emailed at 6pm on a saturday and recieved a response immediately. I've also called them a couple of times. Overall their customer service is outstanding from my experience. Here is the email I got back


Lacquer thinner is way too aggressive as a wipe down. It will act like a paint remover. This could have contributed to the lack of flow. Denatured alcohol is a better wipe down agent. Is this over epoxy? If so, it is time to go full strength. You only need the thin coats in order to penetrate a porous surface. Try a thicker coat (as in more varnish on the brush and surface) I feel you did not have enough product on the surface to allow adequate flow. Also, do not go back! Every time you brush the varnish, it is getting thicker. Simply apply the varnish and move on. It will do better on its own.


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