Re: SOF kayaks

Posted by SOF Building Techniques on Apr 2, 2006

Mike, thanks for the info. I'll check out the books you suggested. I did look at Nick Schades book regarding end forms and again your on the money. My concern about that approach to reducing the length and therefore the weight of the kayak is that one would be making a boat that's shorter with the same beam. Wouldn't this change all the entry angles and make the kayak slower? Remember your dealing with a novice with very limited knowledge but your coments are leading me to make an SOF boat. Do you paddle throughout the year? There's a small group in the Rochester, NY area that goes out every Sunday except when the ice shuts us down. This past winter never realy showed up with only limited snow fall and a brief period of lake ice buildup. We enjoy going out onto Lake Ontario were one can go out far enough not to see any shore line. The weather on the Great Lakes changes quickly so when out there, especialy in the winter, one has to stay alert. Today I'm not paddling or building but going bird watching with my lovely bride of 42years. Retirement is great I hope you get to try it some day. Thanks again, Louie S.

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