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Posted by Petewp on Mar 22, 2006

Im changing my yak into a sailing vessel. Not sure how permanent I want to make anything on it. It'll depend on how well I like it s handeling in that configuration. So my paddling aspirations are shifting to sail - atleast in mind at this point.

Ive thought about the Napatree-New Haven thing, but rather, New Haven to Newport. Now thats merely a daydream, and one with commando camping to pull it off, as it certaintly wouldnt be a day trip!!!

On a more definate note, in the fall, I do most definately want to do atleast a circumnavigation of Monomoy Island with the MKII sailrig on my WR180. As tricky as navigating open expanses of tidal flats can be, to my mind anyway, nothing but nothing is so dynamite as paddling waters nearly gin clear, 2' deep and miles of it. It aint the caribbean, but its definatley got its own beauty. And then theres those mysterious finds... sudden eruptions of sand and silt as you happen upon who knows...a spooked sandshark? Flounder? And its all basking in the dancing sunlit refraction lines that give you those "outta the blue" silvery schools of minnows gleaming above it all here and there.

If I sound like Im waxing a little nutty about it its because its the end of winter, I havent paddled in who knwos when and I HAVE to get out there again!

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