Re: 6oz. vs. 4oz for deck

Posted by CLC on Mar 11, 2006

Hard to argue with having extra 6-ounce laying around; 4-ounce isn't cheap. The difference between 4-ounce and 6-ounce 'glass is both the weight of the 'glass (not much) and the amount of resin required to wet it out (quite a lot). My guess is around 30 ounces difference in the finished boat. An 18-foot kayak with the volume and performance of the Chesapeake 18 that weighs less than 50 pounds isn't just good, it's a feat, so I wouldn't lose sleep over adding some weight.

Given the choice, the strategic addition of 'glass is better than adding it uniformly all over the deck. Some areas of the deck are under high stress (right behind the cockpit) and some receive little stress at all (near the bow). Doubling or tripling the 'glass right behind the cockpit (as on the Arctic Hawk and Shearwater) is helpful if you think you might sit down hard on that spot.

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