Re: Chester Yawl

Posted by David Warren on Feb 27, 2006

I haven't built the Yawl, but it doesn't appear particularly different from the sassasfras 16 canoe I finished recently. I took between 150 and 200 hours over about 6 months, but I was in no hurry. Quite the opposite in fact. My purpose was to build it, not to finish it. I lofted and cut all the wood from plans, and used no power tools at all. I was freaky-Amish. I had never built anything more complicated than a coffee table.

Bottom line: It is whatever kind of challenge you choose to make it. Anyone can do it, but it rewards concentration, patience and a light touch. Very zen. I found every step to be thoroughly enjoyable (OK, except hand-sanding the thing 10 or more times!), and I cannot recommend it highly enough as a creative and satisfying project for anyone interested in wood.

My only hint: spend every waking moment thinking through the next step. Measure (and plan) twice, cut once. But, if you've made stairs, you know that already! Good luck!

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