Re: Chesapeake vs Cape C

Posted by Larry Roberts on Feb 24, 2006

Ted:I built a CLC18 for my son last year. He weighs 265lbs and is 6'5" also. I don't think you need to add any extra freeboard. I added an extra bulkhead and the Valley Day Hatch for easy access to lunch, water or a camera. I think the extra bulkhead gives the stiffness you need to sit on the aft deck without cracking it when entering the boat. I also placed the aft hatch way back to give easy access to place a skeg if needed. We crossed some big lakes in Northern Mi. last summer and weather cocking was not much of a problem.I added an extra layer of glass in the cockpit but I'm not sure that was at all needed. There is web site for big guys that kayak at take a look.

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