I will be off-line soon..

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 22, 2006

I am moving to a location at the end of February where I will have no access to the Internet so it will appear that I have dropped off the face of the planet. Not sure what opportunites I will have to "log-on" so I thought I'd post today to let y'all know. I will be stripping my Night Heron (a Guillemot strip-built single, 18'er, the strongback is ready) in the living room of the new house. It's a small and moldy dwelling but there will be no one to stop me from building in any room I have available. I can do the wood milling work in the basement using my portable Bosch table saw. My glue won't be frozen and my beer will be cold (once I can afford a fridgerator - no, there ins't one there that works right now).

The river ice is almost ready to break so I could be paddling in March. The super warm winter we've had this year has created only thin ice that doesn't measure thicker than 4-6 inches. The windchill has been cold lately but the sunlight is warm and the VJ is almost ready to be relaunched. I'll try to keep in touch one way or the other...thinking smoke signals might be worth a try...or Morse Code...flashing mirrors...rock on windows...(thinking)...

Robert N Pruden