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Posted by CLC on Feb 19, 2006

A friendly reminder to correspondents who send technical questions through the website:

Year in and year out, about 10% of correspondents who are asking a technical question drop a letter or two when they type in their address, and it gets bounced when we respond.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR RETURN EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT WHEN YOU FILL IN THE BOX! It's only got to be off by one character to not work.

A lot of times it's something like "johndoe@aolcom", which I will convert to "" and the question gets answered. Other times, there's a name in the email I can track down through our database, and thus get in touch one way or the other.

Failing that, I'll search Google for correct domain names and so on to try to fix your bouncing email address so that you get a response. I tried that with two bad addresses today, domains and, but came up cold. Those two folks won't hear back and will conclude we're ignoring them.

We respond to 100% of our email, so if you don't hear back from us promptly, it's because we don't have your email address!

Thanks---the email support staff.


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