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Posted by BobE on Feb 1, 2006


Not certain I understand your concern since we pull out all wire. Aircraft quality SS safety (lock) wire is typically 302/304. It has been time-tested in many types of equipment in any manor of corrosive environments. Not that it matters less I get hit with an Atlantic Tsunami in the central Oconee river basin of Georgia while stitching a new hull. Ah, but then…

The smudge I was referring to comes from the residue left behind if using the galvanized steel wire sold in hardware and big box stores in the picture hanging department – next to the 18 gauge copper. I tested some of this stuff before settling on the more expensive SS wire. The mild steel is not as easy to work with, even in finer gauges, than copper. The big problem with it though is that it leaves a black mark on any wood it touches. This smudge is also more difficult to remove than pencil lead. Wouldn’t want to use the stuff to build a boat – much less leave it in one even if paddling solely in fresh water.

More info on SS safety wire at:

safety wire

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