Re: S&G Wire Cutter

Posted by Mac on Jan 30, 2006

I just had another thought (Gee, two in one day! Maybe I'm working up to a stroke!)

How about Dremel coming up with an inverted cone type of grinding stone (reverse of the cone they make now?)

Lee, I've tryed finer wire - yikes - moving on to hypodermic needles next. Actually, I have two guages of copper wire, but still have the problem of getting the cut end into the jagged wood hole first shot.

I'm going to try Mark's double cut, and if it works well, I'll make up a bunch for the more difficult stitches.

Gotta go now - hurts too much to type - and I have to give a guitar lesson tonight....

Cheers all!

In Response to: Re: S&G Wire Cutter by Mark Camp on Jan 30, 2006