To Open a Joint

Posted by Mac on Jan 29, 2006

Now that I've got yer attention. Yep, I'm openin' a joint, and yer all invited. Bathtub gin and bootleg beer. Hope you mountain folk'll bring the white lightnin'.

Yee Haww!

While I'm waitin' for you, I thought I'd take a shot at oprning up a badly done fiberglassed and epoxied (and well cured) panel joint which is about 3" across. Joint was made a month ago and I only noticed last evening that it had cured way off kilter.

I'm thinking of grinding off as much glass and epoxy as possible with an 80 grit ROS and then using a heat gun to soften the remaining epoxy while I try to seperate the pieces. (Hopefully without burning my fingers or, more importantly, the okoume). I'm still trying for a bright finish.

Any tips and funny stories woukd be most welcome!

Thanks again all!