Re: Turning a pax 180 deg

Posted by LeeG on Jan 27, 2006

Pick a buoy and practice,,if the course is a 180 degree out and back then see what it takes coming in on a 50' radius turn with the bouy about 30' on the inside of the turn. In other words your out and back course are 100' apart and parallel.

Time it with different radius turns. With your existing skill level there will be an optimum radius.

AFTER you do that try different turning techniques assuming that you already know the difference between a sweep stroke and a forward stroke. If you aren't clear on the difference then we've put the cart so far in front of the horse it's worth starting from the beginning. ie. 1. this is a paddle

2. this is a kayak

Just being cheeky,,,

Back to the first exercise,,,see if a bow draw in combination with a sweep stroke will help get the boat turning around without losing too much speed. With or without a rudder will be kind of irrelevant if your forward stroke needs improvement.

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