Re: Turning a pax 180 deg

Posted by Marc Geisler on Jan 27, 2006

Thanks for your help! I'm so new to this sport, having done just one race and preparing for my second, that I'm afraid my use of the terminology is loose.

I should clarify by saying that the rules are in the Puget Sound Rowers races that you can't steer with a paddle around a buoy, or at least that's how I understood it. You have to steer while doing some kind of forward stroke, so as to not cause accidents, especially with the shells.

I don't have a rudder on the board. It's embarrassing to admit on this dedicated building forum, but I didn't build the boat. I bought it from someone else who made it for his wife, who didn't need it anymore.

The two responses I received seemed to be at odds. Should I just lean a lot, in the opposite direction of the turn, like a classic kayak turn but more agressive? What kind of paddle stroke should I use with the lean?

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