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Posted by Petewp on Jan 27, 2006

Consider this...

I have a common area I place my foot in first then snuggle in the rest in my kayak jusst ahead of the seat. If it were me doing it over again and I wanted to save weight but keep a strong cockpit, I'd put a 6" strip of extra glass right smack on the keel line just ahead of the seat where my first foot contact goes. I'd make it about 15" long...maybe 20". Then, you know the area where your feet rest on the pegs? Well Id put in a a 4" wide, maybe 10" long strip of extra glass where the back of the heel rests on the cockpit floor. In both of these examples its merely to save the wood and regular glass treatment from the effects of soil abrasives brought in by the feet. The whole cockpit.... nahh.. not unless you do the shuffle in there.


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