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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 26, 2006

VJ are the initials for the first Canadian woman to paddle the Northwest Passage solo. Her name was Victoria Jason (read her book, Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak). Victoria died of cancer a few years back but her story continues to inspire me to carry on with my cross-Canada kayak tour. The Guardian Spirit part comes from a prayer my sweet daughter gave to me for a very good reason. Not sure if you heard but I managed to break up a perfectly good wooden kayak when I ran it over a class 6 rapid. Busted the boat into 11 pieces (since rebuilt). My daughter felt I needed an angel on my shoulder while paddling so she gave me the prayer written on paper, which I epoxied to the underside of my front hatch. Check out the link to read my story of that disaster.

Now, that boat that I ran over the rapid was, at the time, unnamed (very bad omen for sailors). Now I name all my boats. I'm not superstitious, just carefuller. ;)

Robert N Pruden

Paddling over class 6 rapids and the end result

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