Non-expert. Do not read.

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 18, 2005

You wrote:

>>Rather than use it as an end grain laminate >>spacer, I would like to use strips of it to a >>retain the natural spring of the wood.

Kind of defeats the point of the "balsa" in a "balsa core", don't it? (Namely, balsa is the highest performing wood in the world WHEN it is laid end-grain and placed under shear stress, as it is in this application: the middle section of a part under bending stress)

If you want a light, strong, expensive, springy part, use spruce, like Laszlo said. Laid plank-wise, as you said.

If you want a Bristol hull (a very light, strong, very stiff, very expensive surface) use balsa core, laid end-grain.

I only post this inexpert ramble to give any experts who may read it an opportunity to confirm it (and thus actually help Mr. Roberts) or to educate me (and thus help me!)

In Response to: toughened balsa by Mark Roberts on Nov 17, 2005