sassafras 14

Posted by Bert van Zelst on Oct 31, 2005

I was hoping to build the Sassafras 14 this winter, using the plans from the book (The Canoe Shop), but I am rather confused by the plank layout. While the errata sheet corrects some obvious errors for both the 12 (page 42) as well as the 14 (page 52), for the latter it only gives corrected readings for planks 1,2,3 and 5. My problem is with plank 4, at the top of the layout. According to the drawing in the book, the top edge of that plank is 12" forward of sta.0, while the bottom edge is 12 1/8 " forward of sta. 0. Now the drawing shows the top edge to be longer than the bottom edge (what one might reasonably expect, but the numbers are clearly different! I am wondering wether there is an eror in the numbers for that plank 4 that hasn't made it to the errata sheet yet. If anyone has built a 14, or has plans for it, can you please tell me whether I am wrong or, if not,what the correct numbers are? Thanks very much for any help you can provide! Bert van Zelst