Re: Hatch lip width

Posted by George K on Oct 26, 2005

Are you using recessed hatches? If so the lip only has to be the width of your gasket material. If the hatch sits on the deck and you're using a 1/4" rim around the cut out just make sure the gasket material sits on both surfaces, i.e., half sits flush on the deck, half sits on the rim.

And I hope you're refering to sanding epoxy and not fiberglass. If you're sanding fiberglass you've gone too far. And if it's only epoxy you might have an allergy if you're doing everything you can do to avoid the dust. That means long sleeves, respirator (or suitable face mask), sand outside if possible and not in a confined space. And if this doesn't work you might consider getting somebody else to sand your boat! Just convince them that sanding is fun, sanding is fun, sand.......

In Response to: Hatch lip width by John Foster on Oct 26, 2005