Re: Shearwater 17 (LT???)

Posted by LeeG on Oct 13, 2005

The Ch17 and Ch17LT are exactly the same hull in the water,,one is 1" taller. If you put 150lbs or 250lbs it'll be the same shape of hull in the water only sitting a bit deeper. It'll require the same hp to go x mph (except for the weight of the paddler). It won't respond appreciably different in winds because it's what's in the water that the wind is working against. Yes a lightly loaded Ch17 will be blown sideways significantly more than a heavily loaded LT17 but a LT17 and an Ch17 won't respond any differently on a lean since the hull is the same. The slight difference in freeboard than can be discerned by leaning way over to the edge isn't as significant as the entire hull shape. If the side panels were flared more there would be a slightly more noticable difference with increaed freeboard but not a big difference. Hull speed is the same between LT17 and 17. Regarding moving the beam in for an undefined characteristic called "sporty" it would be possible to make three different hulls with totally different dimensions and handle the same or three hulls with the same dimensions and handle VERY differently. There's no reason a hull has to be 21" wide, 22" wide or 23" wide anymore than a person has to be X weight at Y height to be able to play the piano,,or paddle a kayak.

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