Re: Do I need a kayak?

Posted by jamie on Oct 13, 2005

Greetings to a fellow Sacramentan!

As far local destinations to paddle go, it would be well worth your while to look for a book by William Van Der Ven called "Up the Lake With A Paddle"... it's a guide to some of the best lakes and rivers in northern California for recreational paddling.

And as far as local resources for kayakers, there's a few places both in town here and on the coast less than 2 hours away that are truly worth looking into. California Canoe and Kayak is my personal choice, although there are others. They offer both classes and tours here and on the coast.

With regards to camping in a kayak... you'll find that even low-volume kayaks carry quite a bit of gear if you pack carefully. If you're used to backpacking, you might be surprised at the comparative levels of luxury that can be sustained by boat. Just pull the boat up from shore and pitch the tent.

Happy paddling- -jamie

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