Re: allergic wood reactio

Posted by terry on Sep 12, 2005

I've had some moderate itching from sanding fiberglass. Other folks report contact dermatitis and/or allergies from repeated skin contact with uncured epoxy. The prior advice to see an allergist is sound, as is the advice to use the shop vac, tyvek suit and NIOSH-appoved, properly fitted respirator. With your history (and with your doctor's ok) I would suggest using a full-face respirator with organic vapor cartridge and fresh dust filter and a full tyvek suit/gloves with all opernings taped to keep out the allergins. You may need to decontaminate the suit/respirator/gloves with an outside shower or hose before you take them off, otherwise the dust on the suit may get to you. Folks in my line of work (environmental scientist) that develop severe allergies are often barred from further field work. That being said, you may want to discuss with yor doctor whether the allergies could get more severe with repeated exposure and weather you should refrain from any future risk by not doing sanding/sawing projects.

Sorry I couldn't be more positive. Take care, those symptoms may get worse the next time.


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