Re: Z Spar

Posted by J.Schott on Sep 11, 2005

Hvlp technology is very unforgiving. The set up of the gun and air supply has to be just right to have a decent finish. I have sprayed with both hvlp and traditional high pressure guns and have found the high pressure method to be more forgiving. The needle and tip orifice sizing is critical, from your description, it sounds as if you are not getting enough atomization. If you have it, you may want to step down on your orifice size or back down on the adjustment for material flow. You may also want to try penetrol in your varnish to aid the flow and reduce orange peel.

I have sprayed everything from laccuer to automotive base clear finishes, marine paints continue to baffle me. I found that if you factor in clean up time, I can put a coat on my boats just about as fast as spraying and cleaning the equipment. I get asked frequently if I sprayed my boats and I get to answer proudly "no, I rolled and tipped". Now if you can get everything right, spraying definately has it's advantages. I just haven't found the combination yet.-Joey

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