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Posted by Dave S on Sep 7, 2005

Maiden Voyage of the new 15" Grumman Canoe, some years ago. Me and my professionally trained German Shepherd, Nero, wo took commands in German. Extremely windy day on the local state park lake. Halfway across the lake the wind freshened a bit causing me to have to lean out for a good draw. Dog in the bow wasn't enough ballast and the boat was catching the wind badly.

Leaned out a bit too far on one stroke and was unceremomiously introduced to the bottom of the lake, face first. You's really interesting dowm there. I can see why scuba divers love their chosen sport so much. All the neet rocks and weeds. interesting view!

Interestingly enough, the dog stayed in the boat, but he wouldn't stay put so i could get back in the boat. he wouldn't lay down as the boat drew about two inches of water and he hated the water. Was kind of comical, me floating alongside the boat, shouting the German command for the dog to lay down...him not listening and me getting more frustrated. Ended up towing the dog and the boat back to shore to retrieve the lost paddle.

Funny...the wind died down after that. Guess God has a sense of humor.

Now remember....if anybody was the dog's fault......

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